Audiam Launches in U.S.; Gets Artists More Money From YouTube

• Announces a New Game-Changing Royalty Plan; Audiam Artists Get 100% of The Money Generated From Their Own YouTube Videos While Also Earning Money From Other People's Videos Using Their Music

• Expands Its Service to Publishers and Labels; Confirms Grammy-Winner Jason Mraz As First Publisher Customer

• Audiam Earns Its Customers Over $50,000 from YouTube In Its First Four Weeks —Money That Otherwise Would Not Have Existed

• Adds New YouTube Video Tracking Reporting Feature Showing Other People’s YouTube Videos Using Their Music

• To coincide with the US launch, Audiam and FreePlayMusic are allowing anyone to go to Free Play Music and download over 1,900 high quality pre-cleared songs to use for free in their own YouTube videos

New York, NY (July 24th, 2013) – Audiam, a new service that makes money for artists every time their music is played on YouTube, today extended the service to U.S. artists and launched a music industry first: the service will now pay artists 100% of the money generated from plays of their own videos on YouTube.

Audiam also expanded its service today to music publishers and labels. Customers of Audiam can now control just the master, the composition, or both.

Audiam has also added a new reports feature tracking the use of customers’ music in other people’s videos on YouTube. Customers can log in and view a list of all the YouTube videos containing their music, click a link to watch the video, see the name of the video and the name of the song in that video.

The company's first publishing-only customer is Grammy-winner Jason Mraz. Mraz, who controls his own publishing, is using Audiam for his compositions –including the hit "I'm Yours."

“To this point in time, every third party company on the planet takes a significant cut of artists’ money from views of their own videos on YouTube," says Audiam CEO Jeff Price. "That changes today. Now any artist can get 100% of the royalties generated by their own videos on YouTube. In addition, they can also make money from the use of their music in other people’s YouTube videos. In effect, YouTube can now be used like Kickstarter. Simply encourage your fans to cover your songs or use your recordings in their videos – they get to use music they love, and the artist earns money.”

Free for anyone to sign up, Audiam customers make money on YouTube in two ways:

1) From advertising placed on their own YouTube videos.

2) From advertising placed on other people’s YouTube videos using their music.

There is currently no way for an artist to make both 100% of the money from their own videos while also making money from other users’ videos using their music. Audiam changes that.

Audiam charges a flat 25 percent administrative fee. There are no up-front costs for sign-up or uploading music.

Advertising On Artists’ Own YouTube Videos
Although artists can currently go direct with YouTube to make 100% of the advertising money on their own videos, they must first sign up directly with YouTube, set up a Google AdSense account and meet YouTube's set earning minimums to get paid. They also do not have access to the entire spectrum of higher paying and other types of video ads and analytics. With Audiam, artists can click one button, have no earning minimum and can potentially make more money with access to higher paying video ads and more analytics – all while still making 100% of the money generated by their own videos.

Advertising On Other People’s Videos
Most artists cannot enter into the separate direct licensing deals with YouTube needed to make money on other people’s videos that use their music. To date, they've had to go through existing third party entities, which typically take 10-50 percent of the artist's overall money, including the money generated from their own videos.

With Audiam, artists can now get 100% of the money from their own videos, participate in higher paying advertising and make money from other people's videos using their music.

Audiam and FreePlayMusic Make 1,900 Songs Available For Free Use on YouTube
To further celebrate the U.S. launch and showcase the new YouTube revenue model for artists, Audiam has partnered with FreePlayMusic to allow consumers to download over 1,900 high quality FreePlay Music songs and use them for free in their own personal YouTube videos.

“The goal is to make it quick, easy, free and legal for anyone to use music in a YouTube video," says Price. "The user gets high quality music with no fear of copyright infringement or strikes against their YouTube account and the artist gets the opportunity to get more promotion while earning more money from YouTube.”