Audiam Introduces New Search Technologies Getting Artists Paid More Money

Expands search for Artists’ Music To The Entire Internet; Finds Even More Videos On YouTube

• Deal with TuneSat to have it use its fingerprinting and text search technology to get artists paid more

New York, NY (Aug. 28, 2013) – Audiam ( today introduced two new search technologies that will get artists even more money for the use of their music on YouTube and, for the first time, across the entire Internet.

The Fingerprinting Technology On YouTube

The fingerprinting technology needs only three seconds of a song to identify it being used in a video making it possible to find additional videos on YouTube using an artist’s music. In addition, the fingerprinting technology is able to find videos even when the music is in the background, buried under other sounds such as talking, cheering and other loud noises. When the additional videos are found on YouTube, Audiam will authorize YouTube to place ads on the videos and get the artist their share of the ad revenue.

The Fingerprinting Technology On The Internet

With a song fingerprinted, the technology will crawl the net looking for matches of the recording on websites. When the system finds a match outside of YouTube, it will determine if the user is a Fortune 1,000 corporation or other legitimate business. If it is, and the company is using the music without a license, a retroactive license fee will be requested for the use.

The Text Search Technology and YouTube

Audiam is also introducing new YouTube “text search” technology. This technology allows for multiple words to be entered into an administrative interface that crawls the billions of videos on YouTube and finds text matches. It then outputs a list of YouTube video IDs using those words and allows for targeted claiming of even more YouTube videos that use an artist’s recording or lyrics and melody.

Live Performances

Both technologies also provide an automated way for Audiam to find YouTube videos of live performances that are uploaded by fans. Audiam will tell YouTube to place ads on those videos, adding another source of payment.

The additional fingerprinting and text search services will be optional for Audiam customers. There is no additional fee to use these services.

At the moment, the feature is available on a case by case basis in a test phase. Final integration of the technologies with Audiam’s platform will be completed soon and rolled out to any Audiam customer who opts in.