Audiam Offers Free, Pre-Cleared Music For Use By Anyone In YouTube Videos

Service To Launch With Music From Ron Pope, Sons Of The Sea, The Bomb Squad, Moones & More

Participating Artists To Pay YouTube Creators All Money Due From Views Occurring In February 2014

Proprietary Algorithm Allows Users To Search For Fully Licensed Music Matched To Their Video's Subject Matter, Tags

Audiam, the company launched in June 2013 to get music publishers, labels and artists paid for the use of their music in YouTube, has unveiled a new “Music For YouTube Videos” service.

Users can now go to and search for a song to use in their YouTube video by simply describing what their YouTube video is about.

The search results come from Audiam’s proprietary search algorithm and all tracks are pre-cleared for stream or download, and are available for video creators to use in their own YouTube videos.

This means the video creator will not be infringing on copyright, will not get any strikes against their YouTube account and will be eligible to earn money from YouTube views that occur in February 2014 for using participating artists’ music in their own YouTube videos.

For Audiam’s publishers, artists and labels, the new offering means they can now earn more money on YouTube while engaging with fans and rewarding them for using their music.

Audiam's music clients will now have the choice to make their music available for use in fans’ video creations, creating an additional source of revenue generated by ads placed on the videos by YouTube.

Initial Audiam artists making their music available for fans through the service include:

Ron Pope - Singer/songwriter whose songs have sold millions including the hit "A Drop In The Ocean."

The Bomb Squad - Beat pioneers known for their work with hip-hop legends Public Enemy.

Sons Of The Sea - New project from Incubus singer Brandon Boyd.

Moones - London 3 piece with millions of views on YouTube.

FreePlay Music - the most trafficked and licensed music production catalog in the world.

Its Emmy winning composers have written music for: The Walking Dead, NFL for Fox theme song, Cosby Show, Coke Cola, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, Fox Sports, NBC Olympics and many more TV shows, major motion pictures and commercials

And many more

About Audiam

Audiam ( makes money for artists every time their music is used on YouTube and across the entire Internet. Audiam finds videos on YouTube that use its customers' songs, authorizes YouTube to put ads on those videos, and fmoney generated from their own YouTube videos while also earning money from other people's videos using their music. There is no up-front cost to use the service. Audiam is used by artists, music publishers and labels – anyone who controls the master, the composition, or both. Launched in June 2013, Audiam represents the entire Jimmy Buffett catalog, the entire Jason Mraz catalog, Trent Reznor, Ruthless Records, Lenny Kravitz and many more. In partnership with DistroKid (, Audiam also offers a music distribution service to leading download and streaming services, where artists keep their rights and get 100% of the money from the sale or use of their music.