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From self-titled debut album, out early 2021

Hear previously released single “Water” here


(credit: Irma Mtchedlishvili) 

Nainnoh, the New York-based Georgian-born artist whose self-titled debut album is due in early 2021, has released her newest single “Run.”  Listen here.

“Run,” which features internationally renowned multimedia artist, composer, and sound designer John Sully playing a traditional, recorder-like Georgian instrument known as the Salamuri, seeks escape from toxicity.

“This song is about being in an unbearable situation for a long period of time,” says Nainnoh. “Monotony, immobility and what it does to us. When one feels like dying inside and gets that severe urge to resist, run and change the situation or environment.”

Growing up in the Eastern European nation of Georgia, Nainnoh dreamed of one thing: freedom. Now, with the forthcoming release of her gorgeous and wildly creative full length, she is finally able to spread her wings. Recorded in her adopted hometown of New York City, the collection showcases Nainnoh’s voracious musical appetite, mixing dreamy pop and droning rock with Georgian folk and experimental psychedelia to create a cross-cultural meditation on mortality and humanity. The album’s arrangements are lush and cinematic to match, hinting at everything from Sigur Ros to the Velvet Underground with bold, adventurous production that blends organic and electronic elements into a captivating swirl. Seven years in the making, the record marks the culmination of a lifelong journey and the start of a brand new chapter for Nainnoh, who headed into the studio not only for herself, but for anyone who’s ever been counted out because of who they are or where they come from.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the mysticism of the Georgian language,” says Nainnoh, “and the Georgian word for ‘god’ actually originated from the phrase ‘deep one.’ I want people listening to these songs to realize the depth of their powers to love and heal and unite, to realize that we could all be gods in our own ways. I want my music to be that kind of awakening.”

It’s a bold mission statement, to be sure, but Nainnoh’s never been one to shy away from a challenge. After all, when you’re free, anything’s possible.

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