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When Canada’s Juno-nominated singer Jenn Grant set out to create a video for “The Fighter,” the lead track from her new album The Beautiful Wild (Jan 22, Ba Da Bing), the process took an unexpected personal turn. Grant unearthed Super 8 footage of her mother, from the 1970s, being crowned Queen of Azaleas at an annual festival in Norfolk, Virginia—complete with a parade, marching band, waving dignitaries, and caged tigers—and spliced the found imagery with new performance footage. The resulting interplay of history and present day speaks to the power of memory and artifact. “This video is special to me because it documents two different periods of time that are important to my life,” says Grant. “Seeing my mother in this way is a reminder of her everlasting transcendent beauty. It was such an honor to use this footage, and will remain a piece of art to share with the world forever.”

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Jen Grant

Jen Grant

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