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Departure, a new 11-track LP combining heavyweight international champion beatboxers with conservatory-trained string and percussion masters from the Middle East and Africa, will be released June 14 on Estesh3ar Records. Created by an ensemble collectively called Stereognosis, the album presents hard-hitting, modern, urban beats that converse fluently with ancient folkloric melodies and rhythms from the Cradle of Civilization.

This unprecedented collaboration, coordinated in Stockholm Sweden by American producer Patrick Archie, consisted of ten musicians who spoke nine different languages. After only five days of rehearsal, the ensemble spent five days recording at RMV in Stockholm. The album was notably recorded and mixed by LA-based engineer Phillip Broussard (former assistant engineer of Rick Rubin, previously worked with Adele, Justin Timberlake, and Jay Z). It was mastered by Mike Bozzi (Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak). An accompanying HD documentary by DawnRunner Inc. will bring this story to the screen after the album’s release.

 Music from the new album will appear in two music videos featuring cirque du soleil b-boy (and Red Bull BC1 All-star) Neguin, Lebanese graffiti artist Ashekman, and the following ten master musicians:

  1.  Japanese beatboxer BATACO
  2.  American beatboxer BEAT RHINO
  3.  Russian beatboxer JAYTONof theMAD TWINS
  4.  Russian beatboxer PASHof theMAD TWINS
  5.  Uzbek master hand percussionist ABBOS KOSIMOV
  6.  Azerbaijani kamancha player ARSLAN HAZRETI
  7.  Turkish bağlama player SINAN AYYILDIZ
  8. Ethiopian Masenqo player ENDRIS HASSEN
  9. Upright bass virtuoso MILES JAY
  10. Persian tonbak player NAGHIB SHANBEHZADEH

“As a producer, I wanted to emphasize the shared origins of the human species by using a live, organic palette of voice, wood, stretched animal skin, and strings,” says Archie. “I wanted to explore how syncopated dance rhythms found in modern hiphop and related genres might be traced back through geography and time.  Evolutionary scientists tell us that modern humans share ancestors that migrated through the Horn of Africa and the Levantine corridor. I think that recognizing this shared ancestry, and tracing its migration on a map, has profound implications for what is happening in the world right now…Furthermore, if we can hear our own experiences and emotions told through the voices of instruments from very different cultures, then I think we start to see each other less in terms of native vs. foreign, but rather simply, human.”


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