STORYTOWN, The 30-Years-In-The-Making Musical Brainchild Of A New York Tech Visionary To Release Self-Titled Debut Album January 18, 2019


See the video for album track “I Thought We Had a Deal”


It’s hard to imagine a more aptly named band than NYC’s Storytown. The brainchild of songwriter and guitarist Guy Story, the band’s debut album, Welcome to Storytown—a project 30 years in the making—will be released January 18, 2019.


Having spent decades deeply embedded in the tech industry—working for the likes of Bell Labs and as the founding CTO at Audible—Guy had an early footprint in startup culture, digital media, and rights management, all of which have become major touchstones in the current music industry. During his time in tech, his lifetime fascination with music and playing guitar had been squarely relegated to a romantic idea dating to his early teens that the Mississippi native would revisit periodically but never allow himself to embrace fully. It wasn’t until experiencing what some might call a late-in-life moment of clarity that Story realized it was now-or-never between him and making music. Much to his surprise, the impulse to facilitate stories—whether it be in the form of writing code or constructing a melody—weren’t altogether different. As it turns out, the narrative impulse just happened to be a part of his DNA.


Backed by bassist Rick Wagner, keyboardist Charly Roth, and drummer Tony Cruz, the twelve original tracks on Welcome to STORYTOWN bring to mind Talking Heads, as well as R.E.M., Old 97s and Alejandro Escovedo among other Southern Rock greats. Deeply embedded in these songs is an innate understanding of how great pop songs work—lyrics that match the emotional heft of the music, perfectly calibrated arrangements in which no sound, no instrumentation, goes to waste. Each song represents an individual journey, both musically and thematically. 


“In 2016, I left the tech industry,” Story explains. “I had been in a job that I wasn’t doing well at and that was stressing me out and that I didn’t like. Having worked in that industry for a very long time, I decided I would just stop. While I was thinking about how, realistically, I should be getting another job in technology, the one thing that was actually clear to me was that I wanted my own band. I wanted to play my own music. I had been in bands on and off over the years and had been playing guitar since high school, but I’d never allowed myself to take it seriously. I had this latent, unfulfilled desire to go all in on my music, my band, the whole thing. It was terrifying – in a good way.”


Buoyed by a newfound desire to make his music happen—and encouraged by the support of his family—Story set about putting together the band, a process that involved reaching out to friends and no small amount of trial and error. While finalizing the band’s soon-to-be-final lineup, Story focused his energy on writing songs and fleshing out over a dozen song ideas, some of which he’d been carrying around for years. By the spring of 2016, roughly 6 months after deciding to go full-throttle on music, Storytown played their first ever gig. Now, nearly two years later, they are set to release their first album, Welcome to Storytown, something that Story himself is more than a little incredulous about. “It’s still a bit hard for me to believe,” he says, “I’ve always had a guitar with me all these years. I’d just never been able to shake the disease of music.”


Storytown Live dates

11/26/18 – Coney Island Baby – New York, NY – Tickets

01/17/19 – Caveat – New York, NY – tickets on sale soon

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