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A gifted musician – NPR’s Scott Simon
Sharply personal, boldly melodic – PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER
Its melodic and buoyant sound harkens back to the works of Elton John, Billy Joel and Carole King – POPMATTERS

With the release this week of Alicia Witt’s (Justified, House of Lies) Ben Folds-produced album Revisionary History, the acclaimed actor/songwriter sat down with NPR’s Scott Simon to talk about her past as a working musician and the making of her debut studio album. Hear the full interview here: http://n.pr/1bsMUVq

Revisionary History, out May 5, is full of songs that deal in themes of heartbreak, loyalty and the amazing power that comes with finding your own voice —and using it. “This record is probably the most personal thing that I’ve put out,” says Witt, who released a self-titled EP in 2009 and the full-length Live at Rockwood in 2012. Both releases happening in between parts in films and on TV in an acting career that began with her debut in the David Lynch sci-fi classic Dune in 1984, when she was 7.

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