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Premiere Episode Features Composer Scott Schreer (NFL On FOX, Snickers, Volkswagen, More)

iTunes Link: http://apple.co/1ObWSNb

Jeff Price, (founder spinART Records, TuneCore and now CEO and founder of the digital rights management company Audiam), along with journalist Ted Gerstein, (Author, Bomb Squad, former Producer for ABC’s Nightline) have launched a new podcast exploring the behind-the-scenes mechanisms of the music industry allowing artists, producers, record labels, songwriters and technology innovators to make money off music. Learn why $30 billion dollars is generated off of music and whose pockets it ends up in.

Episode 1: What the heck is Public Performance and how does it generate over $6 Billion Dollars That No One Knows About? is available via iTunes now: http://apple.co/1ObWSNb; full description below. 

Future episodes will post every four to six weeks and explore a variety of topics through interviews with music industry leaders and artists including: Avery Lipman (President Universal Republic); Benji Rogers (Founder, Pledge Music); Jim Griffin (Managing Director of OneHouse, Former Head of technology department at Geffen Records); George Howard (Co-founder of Music Audience Exchange, Former Manager of Carly Simon, and COO of Norton, LLC, parent company of Wolfgang’s Vault, Daytrotter, and Paste Magazine, Former president of Rykodisc), Michael “Count” Eldridge (documentary filmmaker, engineer, mixer, and producer for DJ Shadow, Frank Sinatra, Radiohead, John Cale [Velvet Underground], No Doubt, New Order, RUN DMC, Blackalicious, Lyrics Born, Galactic) and more.

Description of 21Khz: : The Art Of Money In Music, Episode 1:

Meet Scott Schreer, a six-time Grammy nominee who wrote the music for “Have A Coke and A Smile.” the NFL On Fox theme Song as well as a myriad of jingles and scores for Snickers, Volkswagen, The Cosby Show and more. How does Scott and the rest of the world’s songwriters and composers make money from the use of their music? Scott takes us behind the scenes of a bizarre and unbelievable system that tracks what the world listens to then collects and pays out over $6 billion dollars annually. It might just be the most valuable music copyright you never heard of. . .

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