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Digital rights agency Audiam which represents over 1.2 million copyrights and collects royalties from the world’s music streaming services has named Jamie Purpora to Chief Operation Officer/President Copyright and Royalty Administration. Purpora is based in Audiam’s newly established west coast office in Burbank, CA. Purpora previously served as TuneCore’s President Music Publishing and served 17 years at Bug Music where he was Senior Vice President of Administration. 

“Collecting more revenue for the songwriters & publishers we represent is what excites us at Audiam,” Says Purpora. “The exclusive, one of a kind technology we have built ensures all uses are accounted for in this constantly growing space when it comes to our clients compositions in this fast growing digital marketplace. “

Says Audiam CEO Jeff Price, “Jamie’s singular focus and passion across his entire career is ensuring the songwriter’s composition is licensed and the rightsholder receives all the money earned, down to the fraction of a penny. He helped Bug Music publishing change global publishing administration with fastidious attention to detail and by instituting new policies and workflow in the “analog” world. With the rise of the digital music industry, he architected and designed the world’s first pure digital administration and collection system at TuneCore. Now with Audiam, he has continued the evolution with more elaborate system designed to deal with billions of streams going out 27 places to the right of the decimal point to get more songwriters and publishers more money more quickly with more transparency from streams than any other music rights organization in the world.”

About Audiam
Audiam is US based Reproduction Rights collection Agency for the United States and Canada. It works for music publishers and songwriters to exclusively license their songs and collect and distribute royalties generated from US and Canadian interactive streaming digital services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and more. 

Audiam exclusively represents and/or works for the music publishing catalogs of Bob Dylan, Metallica, Jason Mraz, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimmy Buffet, SonyATV, Round Hill/Carlin Music Publishing, Third Side Music Publishing, Clear Box Rights, Rough Trade Music Publishing, Songwriters Guild of America, Victory, Epitaph, and Sumerian and thousands more and represents over 400,000 compositions for streaming rights.

Audiam has been in operation in the U.S. for seven years. It was created and funded in part by a consortium of artists and songwriters (Jason Mraz, Jimmy Buffet, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers); music business management firms (GSO Business Group, Provident Financial management); music managers (Q Prime); labels (Victory Records) and Jeff Price, Founder and former CEO of TuneCore.

Audiam was acquired by SOCAN, the Canadian Performing Rights Organization in July, 2016.

Publishers and rights holders interested in working with Audiam should contact: publishers@audiam.com

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