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Fast-rising Indie Artist Blond in Car Releases New Single Something to Simplify

Danceable synth-pop debut album Altavan to be released October 2023

Instantly memorable…a wistful pop delight! – UNDER THE RADAR

Cinematic, lush soundscapes… a captivating indie pop
reckoning with heartache. – ATWOOD

Can you fix emotional pain by applying reason and logic? The wish to reduce heartache by working mind muscles is the thoughtful but wrenching dream inside Blond in Car’s new single, “Something to Simplify,” the first release from the new upcoming album Altavan, due in October, 2023.

“I was fascinated by math in school and I love math words and concepts – the idea of simplifying an equation to the point where you can fully solve it is so appealing to me. Math certainly does not fix matters of the heart, but I sure wish that it could.” The universal wish to eradicate sorrow drives this highly danceable but wistful Pet Shop Boys meets Mitski vibe of a synth-pop gem.

The cinematic, glamorous quality of Schorr’s songwriting is no surprise, as she worked for years in film as a prominent exec and producer, who worshipped indie music in her spare time. After years climbing the ladder in Hollywood, a sudden crisis of mojo for film made her realize she had never found her true calling. After much agonized soul searching, she found it in songwriting. Schorr quit film and started from scratch, songwriting for sync with other artists, quickly landing campaigns for major brands and all streaming networks.

This led to writing and singing her own music as Blond in Car, making gauzy soft-psych indie pop, infused with that particular combination of romanticism and melancholy that permeates her hometown of Los Angeles. Built around immediate, undeniably infectious hooks, the music of Blond in Car (the credit Schorr had on her one non-speaking movie role) combines a dreamy, innocent femininity with a sharp eye for detail, luscious harmonies, and chunky beats.

Blond in Car has had a gung-ho recording schedule, releasing a new single practically every month since her start in May 2020. This included a 12-song collection of singles released in 2021 and 2 5-song EP’s in 2022, all of which has created a fervent online and indie radio following. Today, Blond in Car songs have over 1.5MM streams and fans around the world. Blond in Car’s monthly singles show up consistently on the playlists of indie radio stations around the country and placed #2 on the NACC Radio Chill Chart. Her recent single, “Another Girl” was named Today’s Top Tune by fave taste-making station KCRW.

Working with her producer, electronic artist 9 Theory (Clozee, Emancipator) aka Gabe Lehner, Schorr plans to release a full LP in October. “Something to Simplify” is the first single from that release. The sound of “Something to Simplify” is classic Blond in Car – retro but modern: moody yet hopeful, sleek yet intimate. Stacks of intricately written vocal harmonies and vintage and modern synth layers, all set against a bouncing bass and irresistibly danceable beat.

Track listing for Altavan
1. Secret When You See One
2. Simple Equation
3. Famous Friend
4. Nice and Mean
5. Terrible to Break
6. Something to Simplify
7. Her Perfume
8. My High GummyGirl
9. Words For Snow
10. Short Hello and a Long Goodbye

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