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Re-envisioned Film-Noir Classic D.O.A. to be Released This October

Starring X’s John Doe, Matt Pinfield, John Byner and Lucinda Jenney

Directed by Kurt St. Thomas, Written by Nicholas Griffin

Watch the trailer here

D.O.A., a new and independent spin on the 1950 film-noir classic, will be released in October 2023. In the film John Doe stars as Frank Bigelow, a private detective who begins a routine assignment for a wealthy socialite only to discover that he’s been fatally poisoned; with only days to live, he must unwind a tangle of conspiracies to figure out who “killed” him and why. The fast-paced thriller, directed by Kurt St. Thomas and written by Nicholas Griffin, matches a deep affection for the noir genre with the same renegade, shoot-from-the-hip sensibility St. Thomas has brought to several award-winning features and numerous music videos.

John Doe is best known as a founder of legendary L.A. punk rock band X. He has also established a lengthy career as an actor in over 60 movies and television productions. Doe has appeared on the big screen in Great Balls of Fire, Road House, Roadside Prophets and Georgia, among others, and on TV series such as Roswell and Law & Order.

The supporting cast is a remarkable blend of performers from screen, television, and music. John Byner is a comedy icon who has appeared in movies including Stroker Ace (with Burt Reynolds) and Transylvania 6-5000 (with Jeff Goldblum) and many television series, most memorably the ground-breaking ABC series Soap. Lucinda Jenney, featured in Thelma & Louise and Leaving Las Vegas among other big screen credits, was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her performance in American Heart. Matt Pinfield, a highly influential radio DJ, began his onscreen career as the host of MTV’s 120 Minutes.

The movie was shot entirely in St. Augustine, Florida, and features many of the town’s historic buildings dating from the 19th century. The story is set in the late 1940’s and was filmed in black-and-white by cinematographer Peter Berglund. The filmmakers, including production designer Bonnie Druckenmiller, meticulously recreated the period (utilizing a small fleet of vintage cars) to evoke the sun-drenched mood of postwar Florida. Los Angeles-based composer Jaimee Jimin Park composed a lush and ominous orchestral score in the spirit of Bernard Herrmann and Jerry Goldsmith.

“I broke a lot of rules making D.O.A., and I’m glad I did,” says St. Thomas. “The first rule I broke was to make a movie in the first place, and then to make a film noir, which they don’t make anymore. Then I decided to make it in black-and-white and in period (late 1940’s), on a shoestring budget. I’m glad I did that, too, because it looks great and everything is authentic. The latest rule I’m breaking is to not go chasing after a distribution deal. I think I can do better or, at least, I can come up with unexpected and innovative strategies to find an audience for my movie. The Do-It-Yourself aesthetic, from punk rock to indie filmmaking, is what has always inspired me, and I’m sticking to DIY for D.O.A.”

Film Festival Awards
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Special Jury Award for Production
Spirits of Independents Award

Flagler Film Festival
Best Overall Festival
Best Director Drama
Best Actor John Doe
Best Supporting Actor John Byner
Best Supporting Actress Anne Gaybis
Best in Florida

Vegas Movie Awards
The Audience Award (based on the trailer)
Best Feature Film
Best Indie Film
Best Screenplay (Nicholas Griffin)
Best Cinematography (Peter Berglund)
Best Poster (The Capacitor Network)

8&Halfilm Festival
Best Indie Narrative Feature
Best Black and White

Virgin Spring Film Festival
Best Feature Film

Crown Wood International Film Festival
Best Feature
Best Crime Feature

Milan Gold Awards
Best Feature Film

Portugal Indie Film Festival
Best Feature Film

Sunshine City Film Festival
Best Feature Film
Audience Choice Award
Best Director

Magnolia Film Festival
Ron Tibbett Award for Excellence

Orlando Film Festival
Honorable Mention

San Jose International Film Festival
Best Narrative Feature

Film Details:
Houndstooth Films presents D.O.A.
Directed by Kurt St. Thomas
Written by Nicholas Griffin
Story by Kurt St. Thomas & Nicholas Griffin
Based on the story by Russell Rouse & Clarence Greene.

Produced by Kurt St. Thomas, Emma Keating & Nicholas Griffin.
Director of Photography: Peter Berglund
Original Music: Jaimee Jimin Park
Edited by Kurt St. Thomas, Emma Keating & Keaton Bicknell
Production Design by Bonnie Druckenmiller
Casting Director: Lorraine Berglund.

The script for D.O.A. was written by Nicholas Griffin (Matchstick Men, FX’s Terriers). While the story shares a title and premise with the original 1950 movie starring Edmond O’Brien, most of the plot elements are original.

John Doe (Frank Bigelow)
Paola Duque (Rita)
Matt Pinfield (Det. Parker)
Lucinda Jenney (Grace)
Anne Gaybis (Mrs. Phillips)
Jake La Botz (Chester)
Tony V (Whitey)
Pam Rickard (Kitty)
and John Byner (Arthur Majak)

D.O.A. online


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