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“What good is summer?” Features co-writer Marcio Nucci, Cellist Eugene Friesenand the Budapest Scoring Orchestra

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Two-time Latin Grammy nominee Delia Fischer has released the single, “What Good Is Summer?” (Labidad Records), on all streaming services. The song is the first single from the forthcoming album, Delia Fischer: Beyond Bossacoming this September, Fischer’s first album sung mostly in English, with guest appearances by international jazz and Brazilian stars including Luciana Souza, Gretchen Parlato, Marcos Valle, Chico Pinheiro, New York Voices, and Mario Biondi.

“Delia Fischer is a Brazilian artist of the highest quality,” said Ivan Lins, the legendary Brazilian singer/songwriter. “This is a great, new, beautiful project.  Delia represents the best of Brazilian music – she very much deserves international attention.”


“What Good is Summer” is a collaboration between the Rio de Janeiro-based Fischer and Rio singer-songwriter and physician Márcio Nucci, with English lyrics by American jazz journalist and pianist Allen Morrison.

The writers created a classic bossa nova, paying homage to Tom Jobim, which became the artists’ most played track in its original Portuguese version, “Samba Sem Verão.”  The release of “What Good Is Summer?” will be accompanied by anofficial music video filmed in Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro), Dummerston, Vermont (USA), and Budapest (Hungary), available on all audio and video platforms.

With two Latin Grammy nominations received in 2019 and 2021 and having won the Independent Music Award in New York in the Best Latin Song categorysinger/songwriter Fischer said she wanted to release a new version in English to broaden her international exposure and to continue taking Brazilian music to new listeners across borders, especially in the USA.

In the new recording, Fischer is honored to feature cellist and composer Eugene Friesen, a four-time Grammy winner, who, in addition to his solos, provides the orchestral arrangements performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

Describing the writing of “What Good is Summer?” Delia Fischer said, “I met Marcio Nucci and became aware of his musicality first and foremost as my student. Born into a family of musicians, he is the brother of the singer, composer and guitarist Claudio Nucci, one of the founders of the group Boca Livre. Despite having chosen medicine, he is a great musician. I’m honored to have become his partner. This single also shows, for the first time, the beautiful work of my new partner Allen Morrison as a lyricist. And I also have the illustrious participation of Eugene Friesen, a wonderful cellist who created the orchestral arrangement.”

Eugene Friesen, who recorded the cello from his home in Vermont, said, “When I first heard “What Good Is Summer?” I was transported to the Rio I discovered as a young music student. I spent several summer breaks from school to study cello in Brazil with the great Aldo Parisot, and the music I fell in love with there and the warm hearts of people I met all came strongly into my memory as I listened to Delia and Marcio’s beautiful original song. My approach to the string arrangement is influenced by Jobim’s great collaborator, Claus Ogerman. The soaring violins – like great flocks of birds over Copacabana – and the rich violas and cellos – like the surge of waves and the excitement of great beauty – are elements that bring such emotion to the song. The cello solo is inspired by my friend, Jaques Morelenbaum, whose improvisational approach and sun-soaked style always impart a feeling of freedom and joy.”

Lyricist Allen Morrison said, “It’s a thrill to write with Delia, who I think is one of the finest Brazilian songwriters of our time. I discovered her music in 2019 while reviewing new jazz and pop recordings from Brazil for DownBeat Magazine. I gave her album a rave review, and the album went on to be nominated for a Latin Grammy award for Best Brazilian (MPB) album. When she wrote to thank me for the review, we began to correspond. One of her songs, “Meu Tempo (My Time)” got stuck in my head. I asked her if anyone had written an English version of it. She replied, “No, would you like to write one?” I jumped at the opportunity. She liked what I wrote and asked me to work with her on additional songs. Now we have written more than an album’s worth of songs together. When I first heard “Samba Sem Verão,” with music by our friend Marcio Nucci and Delia’s original lyrics, I thought, “It’s so beautiful – it sounds like an undiscovered Jobim song.” I called our English version “What Good is Summer?” Its theme of summer and lost love is, I believe, universal.”

Co-writer Marcio Nucci said, “I usually compose on the acoustic guitar and viola caipira. When I started taking piano lessons with Delia, I discovered a new instrument to compose on. “Samba Sem Verão,” the original name of this song, was the first song I wrote on the piano. Delia had written beautiful lyrics for another bossa nova that I had written on the guitar years before. So, asking her for lyrics on this new song was automatic. From these inspired lyrics came the version written by Allen Morrison that became ‘What Good Is Summer.’”

“What Good Is Summer?” is the cornerstone of Delia Fischer: Beyond Bossa (Labidad), to be released worldwide in September 2024. The album features international stars of jazz and Brazilian music and features 12 of Fischer’s songs with English lyrics by Allen Morrison.

About Delia:

“In the constant search for new forms of Brazilian music, with all
its variations and influences, I have in Delia an important ally. Her
concept of mixing and filtering Brazilian influences through her unique musicality and personal joy stimulates my own creative work.” – Egberto Gismonti, composer and multi-instrumentalist

DELIA FISCHER, singer, songwriter, pianist, and arranger, has received two
Latin Grammy nominations for Best Brazilian (MPB) Album of the Year, one in
2019 for Tempo Mínimo (Labidad) and another in 2021 for H.O.J.E. (Labidad).
Born in Rio de Janeiro to a German-Jewish immigrant father and a Brazilian mother, her output ranges from MPB to post-Bossa Nova, samba, and pop.

She has collaborated on stage and in the studio with Brazilian and international greats such as Marcos Valle, Milton Nascimento, Ed Motta, Egberto Gismonti, Toninho Horta, Hermeto Pascoal and Romero Lubambo, Swedish singer Lisa Nilsson, Italian singer songwriter Tony Canto, French-Cameroonian singer Valérie Ékoumè, and Spanish-Brazilian singer Leo Minax. In January 2023 she released the album Andar com Gil (Jasmin Music), a tribute to Gilberto Gil, in which she was joined by Mr. Gil himself on one track.

Technical Credits
What Good is Summer?
(Written by Márcio Nucci & Delia Fischer, English lyrics by Allen Morrison)

Lead vocals: Delia Fischer and Marcio Nucci
Bass: Matias Correa
Drums: Kim Pereira
Acoustic guitar: Claudio Nucci
Cello solo: Eugene Friesen
String arrangement: Eugene Friesen
The Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Vocal direction: Matias Correa
Mix engineer: Rodrigo Campello
Mastering: Carlos Freitas – Classic Master USA
Cover design: Delia Fischer
Photo: Nando Chagas

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