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Headlining Historic Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles January 30

At the ripe old age of 20 years old, Chloe Chaidez is no stranger to the music business.

In 2010, while still unsigned, SPIN named 15 year old Chaidez and Kitten the “best new discovery” of SXSW and in 2013 Rolling Stone proclaimed Chaidez a “top ten artist to watch” with Time magazine anticipating Kitten’s debut as one of the “top 11 albums to look forward to in 2013.”

In 2014, after releasing a trio of highly acclaimed EP’s (Sunday School, Cut It Out and Like A Stranger), Kitten released their self titled debut full length album, produced by co writer Chad Anderson with Gavin Mackillop, which Rolling Stone hailed as a “triumph” promptly placing it in the “top 20 pop albums of 2014.”

Now, having recently left her label of 5 years, Chloe is for the first time, officially DYI and loving it. “There’s really no difference. says Chaidez, ” We always did everything on our own. From writing the music, and producing the records, to creating the album art, making the videos and building our live show. We we’re really lucky that way.”

She continues,. ” I think that autonomy is what’s allowed us to create such a unique relationship with our fans. There’s a bond there that seems to be unbreakable. It’s amazing and humbling.”

After spending her teens signed to a major label, touring the country multiple times in a van, as well as struggling at a young age with excess and some of the darker pitfalls of the rock and roll lifestyle, Chloe is growing up – reveling in taking her career and music completely into her own hands.

“We’ve always flown under the radar” Chloe continues. “For whatever reason, we never really had that big PR push, album release, radio or whatever” everything that Kitten has built has been word of mouth, one fan at a time. It could be frustrating at times but ultimately it’s meant that everything we’ve gained has been real…

Even the positive press we’ve received has just been really cool writers who discovered the music and championed it. Again, it’s just our fans. whether it’s Atlanta, DC, Kansas or LA… They’ve never let us down.”

That unique relationship, along with a blistering and unforgettable live show, is what’s allowed Kitten to find their own brand of “indie” success, from a recent sold out two night stint at The Troubadour to their upcoming headlining performance at LA’s historic Fonda Theater not to mention headlining venues across the country, playing to die hard fans in every city.

Having recently returned to Los Angeles from a year of soul searching and creative exploration in NYC, Chloe immediately hit the road again, this time spending 3 weeks holed up in a cabin on a secluded cattle ranch in Nevada writing and recording followed by two weeks of the same in the scenic woods of rural upstate NY.

‘The music we’ve been making has been completely inspired by our time at the ranch…beautiful vista’s, no people or lights for miles and miles. Really quiet and eerie… at night the only sound would be packs of coyotes howling…”

Chloe describes the music as “dark, moody and grand”… We were listening to a lot of British bands, Pulp, Suede, Cocteau Twins, The Cure…

As well as a lot 50’s music. Phil Spector, Roy Orbinson, Gene Pitney…” People don’t think of that music as dark but the vocals can be real haunting if you listen. All of that distant echo and reverb…”

As a result of that time Kitten are putting the finishing touches on their soon to be independently release EP as well as continuing to record for their second full length album. Now she’s ready to bring these new sounds to her fans and hopefully a much wider audience…

“It’s a good time for me. I’m so excited. I’m evolving into the artist that I always wanted to become. Making the best music of my career and doing it with friends, knowing that our fans are there for us. It’s a great feeling.”

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