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On December 5th acclaimed singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Ben Hudson (a.k.a. Mr Hudson) will unveil his latest single “Coldplay,” featuring Vic Mensa exclusively via Beats 1 as Zane Lowe’s #WorldRecord. The track comes hot off the heels of his first offering of 2017, “Can’t Forget You” which premiered via Pitchfork earlier in September. Listen to “Coldplay” and Mr. Hudson’s interview with Zane Lowe HERE.

First meeting in London in 2013, Hudson and Mensa’s admiration of each other developed finally into collaboration in 2017. After performing in L.A for the Celebrating David Bowie show earlier this year, Mr. Hudsonskipped the curtain call and headed straight to the Record Plant to work with Mensa on the track “Almost There” later released in June 2017.

Fast forward a few months to October and Mensa returns the favour, cutting a verse for Mr. Hudson’s new single “Coldplay”. “For me “Coldplay” is about that moment when you’re about to give up on someone, but you don’t,” explains Hudson. “You dig deep. You keep working. Even though it might be easier to walk away.” He continues, “Vic’s verse is powerful. It’s more than a feature. He wears his heart on his sleeve. We’ve been friends for four years and we only just worked together! You can hear in our collaborations that we really wanted to add a lot to the records. Not all features are like that. Sonically, I love the jazz quartet on a space-station aesthetic. Sad-robot music. That’s my happy place.”

As a sought-after writer and producer Mr Hudson has been working writing for some of the biggest names in music including, Future, DJ Snake and others this year. Most recently, Hudson co-wrote two tracks with English singer JP Cooper including, “September Song” which went platinum in the UK and hit #6 on the UK singles chart resulting in over 250 million plays on Spotify. Mr. Hudson also scored the soundtrack for the 2017 anime short, Children of Ether.

To listen and/or buy click here.

About Mr Hudson
In 2008 after the release of Mr Hudson’s critically acclaimed album, A Tale Of Two Cities, he made a list of producers he’d like to work with for his follow-up album. Unexpectedly, Kanye West offered to sign Mr Hudson to West’s G.O.O.D. music and exec produce the album. Next thing Mr Hudson knew he was on a plane to Hawaii. “Before I got to America I was a reluctant collaborator but on the first day in Hawaii, Kanye said ‘I want you to help’ and I took that to heart and it stuck with me ever since. I just try to help in whatever context I’m in. It’s a good headspace.” In addition to Kanye, Mr Hudson soon began collaborating on a string of hits and #1 albums with Jay Z, Kid Cudi and Big Sean.

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