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New Video, Featuring A Sharon Jones Cameo, Premieres On Brooklyn Vegan Today
[Look Closer] brings the house down in a way only experienced soul artists could—with ease, depth, and a little bit o’ trumpet. – NYLON

Daptone Records’ Saun & Starr first crossed paths at an open mic in 1980’s Harlem. Now, ahead of the release of their debut album, they will return to their old stomping grounds for a two-night stand at Ginny’s Supper Club May 8 & 9. Performing two sets each evening, the soul duo will perform songs from their highly anticipated full-length, Look Closer, out May 19.

A new video for the album’s title track, directed by Rob Hatch-Miller & Puloma Basu, premieres on Brooklyn Vegan today and features a cameo by Sharon Jones as well as a string of would-be stars auditioning for the fictitious “Mr. Daptone”

“Our idea for the video was to use the audition format to both parody and explain Saun & Starr’s journey from Sharon’s background singers to artists in their own right,” says Daptone’s Gaberiel Roth. “Shooting at the House of Soul helped introduce them within the setting of where they have actually been recording as part of the Daptone Family for a few years now. It was a pretty simple concept, and we were hoping it would be funny. However, Rob and Puloma really ran with the concept and took it to another level. The talent and crew they brought in really brought the whole thing to life. The result was much funnier and better looking than anything I had imagined. Jim Sheffield was amazing as the fictional James Daptone, and Charlie Hankin killed as the door guy. Their prop and lighting guys even made the studio look professional. By the time they brought the mariachis in, I knew it was gonna be something incredible.”

Recorded with The Dap-Kings, the new album was produced by Daptone’s Gabriel Roth and features ten original tracks by the duo (including the hit “Hot Shot,” penned by Roth & Dap-Kings’ saxophonist Cochemea Gastelum). The album was recorded at Daptone Records’ House of Soul studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2014.

Saun & Starr at Ginny’s Supper Club
Fri 5/08 – 7:30 PM , 9:30 PM
Sat 5/09 – 7:30 PM ,9:30 PM

Venue Information:
Ginny’s Supper Club
310 Lenox Ave.
New York, NY, 10027

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