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Reproduction rights and copyright collection agency represents comedians and spoken word rights holders

Already representing: Bill Engvall, Robin Williams Estate; Bill Hicks Estate, Louie Anderson, Jim Breuer, Andrew Dice Clay, George Carlin Estate; Margaret Cho, Robert Schimmel, Waddie Mitchell and many more


New York, NY — August 26, 2021 – Word Collections has confirmed agreements to represent the work of legendary comedians Billy Crystal and Drew Carey.

Word Collections licenses legally required, non-musical Literary Work rights in spoken word comedy and other performing arts for streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube, broadcast radio (digital and terrestrial) and others. Word Collections is currently representing copyrights and works by the Dick Gregroy Estate, Robin Williams Estate, George Carlin Estate, Margaret Cho, Bill Hicks Estate, David Cross, Louie Anderson, Bill Engvall, Muhammad Ali Estate, Robert Schimmel, Jim Breuer, Andrew Dice Clay and more (see below for larger list).

Founder and CEO Jeff Price comments “Anytime anywhere on the planet a sound recording of a comedian is played on AM/FM radio, broadcast on SiriusXM, Pandora or any other digital radio station, streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal, played in a video on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, downloaded on a podcast there must be a license with the comedian that worte the words and a royalty must be paid. To this point in time—for the upwards of one trillion global streams over the past decade of these comedian recordings—they have been paid nothing of an estimated five hundred million dollars they would have earned had their rights been licensed and paid on in the first place.”

“Word Collections,” continues Price, “will make certain they are properly licensed and paid from the hundreds of billions of past and future global streams and radio broadcasts of their works.  It’s the least we can do for them.”


Current list of Word Collections clients:

Bill Engvall

Dick Gregory Estate

Muhammad Ali Estate

Margaret Cho

Robin Williams Estate

George Carlin Estate

Bill Hicks Estate

David Cross

Robert Schimmel Estate

Andrew Dice Clay

Waddie Mitchell

Buddy Hackett Estate

Jim Breuer


Louie Anderson

Tommy Tiernan

Paul Mecurio

Dwayne Kennedy

Nick Griffin

Matt Ruby

Jake Johannsen

Dwayne Kennedy

Corey Rodrigues

Eddie Brill

And more


Word Collections website:



Rights holders interested in working with Word Collections should contact: contact@wordcollections.com  / (929) 274-1863


Media contact:

Chart Room Media / Brendan Gilmartin

Brendan@chartroommedia.com 347-450-3048 – ph.

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