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Word Collections Signs Deals Representing Licensing and Royalty Collection for the Literary Works of Jerry Seinfeld and Nick Di Paolo

NEW YORK, June 29, 2022 – Digital rights management company Word Collections (https://www.wordcollections.com/ ), has entered in agreements to represent the literary works of comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Nick Di Paolo.

Word Collections was founded and launched by Jeff Price (formerly TuneCore, Audiam) in July, 2020 with a focus on getting comedians and other spoken word performers licensed and paid for the use of their literary works on Spotify, Apple Music, AM/FM radio, digital radio, Amazon Music, YouTube, YouTube Music, Deezer, Peloton, TikTok, Twitch, Roblox, Snap and many others. Word Collections currently represents the literary works of Robin Williams, George Carlin, Margaret Cho, David Cross, Bill Hicks, Bill Engvall, Billy Crystal and many more. It also licenses and collects music publishing catalogs for Metallica, Thomas Dolby, Songwriters Guild Of America, Gerencia360, St. Nicholas and numerous other songwriters.

“Comedy changes the world for the better,” comments Price. “It provides insight, perspective, moves mountings, topples regimes, creates culture and matters. I’ve been a big fan and in awe of both Jerry Seinfeld and Nick DiPaolo for decades. I’m thrilled to be working for them.”

Word Collections has identified and begun recovering over $1 billion in earned and unpaid royalties specifically for streams and broadcast of spoken word comedy.

Current literary work/comedy catalogs represented by Word Collections:
George Carlin
Robin Williams
Bill Hicks
Bill Engvall
Magaret Cho
Ron White
Andrew Dice Clay
Nick DiPaolo
Jim Breuer
Tommy Tiernan
Steve Wright
Louie Anderson
Matt Ruby
David Cross
Drew Carey
Robert Schimmel
Dick Gregory
Billy Crystal
Muhammad Ali Estate
Paul Mecurio
Nick Griffin
Matt Ruby
Jake Johannsen
Corey Rodrigues
Eddie Brill

Word Collections website:

Rights holders interested in working with Word Collections should contact: contact@wordcollections.com / (929) 274-1863

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