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Word Collections to provide global publishing administration for rising West-London rapper Xadi, LA Alt-songwriter Kowloon, R&B singer Reggie Becton, and Indie-pop singer Sarah Kang

NEW YORK, NY – March 21, 2023 – Global publishing administrator Word Collections (https://www.wordcollections.com/ ), has entered in agreements to provide global publishing administration a new generation of rising stars including widely-hyped West-London rapper Xadi, atmospheric LA alt-songwriter Kowloon, emerging R&B singer Reggie Becton, and Indie-pop singer-songwriter Sarah Kang.

The news follows recent announcements of Word Collections entering into deals with established hitmakers John Oates, Sublime with Rome, Dirtyheads and Switchfoot, all as part of a rapid expansion of the company into global music publishing administration.

Word Collections delivers a unique, direct licensing business model, expertly executed, utilizing proprietary sound recording identification technology and ground-breaking income tracking systems. By identifying recordings that have previously been unaccounted for, Word Collections’ clients routinely see increases in income by hundreds of percentage points which are paid out 6-8 months more quickly. By cutting out layers of middle-men Word Collections true administration fee generally comes in 15-30% lower than utilizing the traditional publishing industry allows.

Word Collections was founded and launched by Jeff Price (formerly TuneCore, Audiam) in July 2020 with an initial focus on global publishing administration for comedians and other spoken word artists. A year later, in August 2021, Word Collections expanded its global publishing administration repertoire to include musical compositions. Word Collections currently administers the publishing catalogs for Metallica, Greta Van Fleet, Thomas Dolby, Songwriters Guild Of America, Gerencia360, St. Nicholas, Baroness, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, The Offspring’s Bryan “Dexter” Holland, Shriekback, DLG., Bazanji, Gomba Music, Robin Williams, George Carlin, Margaret Cho, Jerry Seinfeld, David Cross, Ron White, Bill Hicks, Bill Engvall, Billy Crystal, and numerous other songwriters, publishers, authors and spoken word comedians.

Existing music catalogs represented by Word Collections:
Greta Van Fleet
Kirk Hammett
Thomas Dolby
Songwriters Guild of America
The Offspring’s Bryan “Dexter” Holland
Gomba Music
St. Nicholas
John Oates
Sublime with Rome

Existing literary work/comedy catalogs represented by Word Collections:
Jerry Seinfeld
George Carlin
Robin Williams
Bill Hicks
Bill Engvall
Margaret Cho
Ron White
Andrew Dice Clay
Nick Di Paolo
Jim Breuer
Tommy Tiernan
Steven Wright
Louie Anderson
Matt Ruby
David Cross
Drew Carey
Robert Schimmel
Dick Gregory
Billy Crystal
Muhammad Ali Estate
Paul Mecurio
Nick Griffin
Jake Johannsen
Corey Rodrigues
Eddie Brill

Word Collections website:

Rights holders interested in working with Word Collections should contact: contact@wordcollections.com / (929) 274-1863

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